Sibarita Cafe

This morning I had the pleasure to try the new cafe that opened a few weeks ago on Calle El Conde, Sibarita café.

People told me that the atmosphere is friendly, the service is good and the coffee is great, but as someone who doesn’t like coffee, i had my reservations, i finally decided to go and I have to admit that i had a great time in this interesting place.

I ordered a frappuccino and toasts which was delicious, it amazed me how tasty the frappuccino is, just because i do not like chocolate or coffee, and indeed this one was sublime.

The atmosphere, great, i fell in love with the walls full of paintings and the incredibly cozy background music, i also found very interesting the manifesto that’s in the back of the menu, I’ll just put a phrase:

“… And we met in our iconic Del Conde street to enjoy a coffee, eternal companion of the free thinkers …”

The rest you’ll have to read when you visit Sibarita, try one of the delicious coffees or my personal recommendation, the frappuccino, the best option with this heat.

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