Grupo Bonyé at the Ruinas de San Francisco

Every Sunday evening in the Zona Colonial people of all ages gather at the historic Ruinas de San Francisco for the concert of Grupo Bonyé.  Bonyé preforms all types of traditional Dominican must form salsa and son to merengue and bachata.  The group of 16 musicians of come together each week for the pleasure of preforming music.

The concerts attract a mix of young and old, local and international in a safe setting in front of the magical backdrop of 500 year old ruins.  The concert is a true celebration of Dominican culture and music.

Interview with Grupo Bonyé director Félix Báez
(Video by the Cluster Touristico de Santo Domingo)

Photos at the concert at the Ruinas de San Francisco
(credit: Dominican Republic Ministry of Tourism)

Grupo Bonyé consists of:

Félix Báez
Nestor Sánchez
Francisco (Chino) Méndez
Franklyn Soto
Roberto Bobadilla


Nelson Edy (Piano)
Julian Cocco –Juasiton- (tres)
Julian Jaquez (Bajo)
Wholfan Mejía (Saxo)
Ignacio Gómez (Trompeta)
Memo (Trompeta)
Junior Guío (Bonga / Tambora)
Carlos Gómez (Timbal)
Pedro Gómez (Conga)

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